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Cuspid Family Dental Clinic dentacoin partner

Cuspid Family Dental Clinic Joins Dentacoin Network

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

Our Partner Network in India is in full bloom, just in the middle of the Hindu festive season! We are delighted to welcome Dr. Umeet Singh and his Cuspid Family Dental Clinic as our 54th partner in the South Asian country. Based in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Singh’s dental practice offers highly professional dental treatment backed by the most advanced technology. In order to ensure the best possible dental experience, the clinic team adheres to a strict ethical and patient-oriented approach.
Cuspit Family Dental Care Office Dentacoin

Dentacoin: A “Booster Pump” For Practice Growth

Dr. Umeet Singh found Dentacoin while searching for easy-to-implement patient engagement solutions and new dental technologies. He was very glad to have come across Dentacoin concept since it encompasses a wide spectrum of the patient relationship management activities which were insufficiently covered in his clinic.

“I see Dentacoin as a booster pump which will enhance my dental practice. It will help me improve my overall patient service. Furthermore, it will also be helpful in promoting my clinic on social media. Providing my patients with this new, smart payment method and introducing them to the Dentacoin apps where they can earn DCN and then spend them for treatments, will definitely increase their engagement and satisfaction!”

Dr. Umeet Singh, Consultant Oral & Dental Surgeon


Quest for Continuous Professional Development

Dr. Umeet Singh acquired his BDS degree from Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Dental College & Hospital, AMU, Aligarh, one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions of India. He is Hon. Br. Secretary / President, IDA MBD of the Indian Dental Association (IDA) and takes an active part in all its events and campaigns. He established Cuspid Family Dental Clinic back in 2005 and since then is fully committed to “caring for patients’ smiles and oral health”.

Want to Write Your Trusted Review?

If you have personally visited Cuspid Family Dental Clinic and would like to share your impressions about Dr. Umeet Singh and his team, follow the link and get rewarded for your contribution!


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