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Crypto Supporter Dr. Ali Shouket Becomes Dentacoin Partner

Published by Petya Ivanova on

It is a pleasure to introduce our new partner Dr. Ali Shouket and his clinic, Dr. Shouket’s Dental Clinic, the latest location accepting Dentacoin! Dr. Shouket is not only one of the leading dentists in Karachi, Pakistan but also a firm believer in the potential of crypto payments. Getting in touch with Dentacoin innovative concept, quickly fascinated him:



Dr. Ali Shouket Dentacoin quote 2022

“Dentacoin has a great concept for preventative dental care and crypto payments. (…) With Dentacoin adoption, the door for global dental care is open.” Dr. Ali Shouket, Clinic Owner


In the Spotlight: Dr. Shouket’s Dental Clinic 

With a team of dentists trained at the top private and government healthcare institutes of Pakistan, the clinic provides the full spectrum of treatments to patients at the heart of Karachi city.


PinLocation: Karachi, Pakistan

ManifestoProfessional Manifesto: “Beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime!”
TeethSpecialties: General dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry, Full scope of dental treatments


Clinic Owner: Dr. Ali Shouket


Experience: 10+ Years


‍‍CapEducation: B.D.S., R.D.S,  Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry


Memberships: PGDMember of American Dental Association


Hobbies: Crypto enthusiast


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