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Crown Dental Care Joins Dentacoin

Published by Pamela Doneva on

DCN is now accepted in Crown Dental Care, Jharkhand. It’s exciting welcoming to the network another inspiring young professional like Dr. Spandana Chandra who runs the clinic! She specializes in Endodontics and has about 5 years of professional dental experience behind her back. And recently she goes beyond regular dentistry methods, as current times demand modern advancements. With teledentistry online consultations, Dr. Chandra makes sure more people have their dental issues taken care of. And as we talk about modern dentistry measures, we cannot miss including Dentacoin. 

Growing Clinics With Dentacoin


It’s not an unknown fact that technologies are changing the dental scene. And as a young specialist Dr. Chandra, who is committed to excellence in her treatments, takes pride in using the latest advancements available. She loved Dentacoin’s concept from the very beginning, stating that she saw how our platform can help her grow the clinic’s outreach. 


“I believe Dentacoin will help me grow my practice! By being part of a major dental network, my clinic will be presented to a larger spectrum ” shared Dr. Chandra. 


As mentioned, Dr. Chandra uses progressive methods such as teledentistry in her everyday practice. Online consultations help her reach patients in need more easily and diagnose at earlier stages. And Dentacoin in fact also helps with building patient – dentists relationships. Tools such as HubАpp and Trusted Reviews are always of great benefit when it comes to keeping in touch with patients. 



Dr. Spandana Chandra in her dental office.


A Progressive Dental Studio in Ranchi


Dr. Spandana Chandra has BDS from ITS – Centre For Dental Studies & Research in 2013. Later she also completed MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics at Rama Dental College. What motivates her in the world of dentistry is her aspiration to provide patients with the care they deserve. She further shares that each individual is of importance, and quality healthcare should be made available for the whole community. 


Crown Dental Care is situated in the capital of India’s state Jharkhand, Ranchi. The clinic has a team of highly skilled specialists working together to provide a wide range of treatments. Starting from general dentistry procedures and orthodontics, varying to cosmetic dentistry and important procedures such as dental implants and veneer placements. The clinic is open each day from Monday to Sunday and appointments can be done easily online through the interactive website. 


Joining Dentacoin now, Crown Dental Care is one of the many dental practices expanding a dental network in India. If you have visited the clinic, now is the time to leave a review at Trusted Reviews:



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