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Corner House Dental Practice Becomes Dentacoin Partner

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

Our partner network in the United Kingdom grows bigger and bigger – join us in welcoming Corner House Dental Practice (CHDP) onboard! Founded back in 2012 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the dental clinic provides both cosmetic and general dentistry. The dental team behind CHDP is committed to “giving life to smiles” of both NHS and private patients by strictly following the latest cross-infection guidelines.


Corner house dental uk

Dental Care Around the Corner

The UK-based clinic aims to deliver the same level of dental care that they would expect to receive as patients. Furthermore, CHDP actively addresses people’s concerns and strives to be as helpful as possible by providing simple explanations and personalized advice. This dedicated approach has earned them a great reputation and many new patients who visit them by referrals.

“We believe that every person who requires dental assistance should be understood completely, by learning exactly how they live their lives, how they smile, eat, talk, and behave in sleep. We do not simply treat teeth; we give the best possible solutions for unique lifestyles.”


Embracing Dentacoin

The clinic’s founder and principal dentist, Dr. Natwarlal Tibrewal is very enthusiastic about Dentacoin currency and apps. The Corner House Dental Practice already accepts Dentacoin payments and started collecting patient feedback on Trusted Reviews. CHDP has a fair and transparent fee structure. The dental clinic strives to provide patients with a clear estimate of the dental costs, as well as multiple payment options.

Before moving to Midlands, UK back in 2006, Dr. Tibrewal worked in Mumbai’s most prestigious hospital (Bombay Hospital) and owned a private clinic in the same city. He has been living in Leeds for almost 15 years now. Dr. Tibrewal has always been eager to follow the latest technology trends and put them into practice:

“Dentacoin will help us reward patients who sustainably look after their oral health.
What’s more, this will enable them to get dental care also for free.”

Dr. Natwarlal Tibrewal, Founder and Principal Dentist, CHDP


Meanwhile, Dr. Tibrewal has also proven himself as an avid fan of DentaVox. His survey dedicated to “Retainers” will be published by the end of May 2021. We thank him for his initiative and will be curious to follow up on the results!


Together with Corner House Dental Practice, the Dentacoin Partner Network now encompasses 120 locations in 41 countries, with a presence on every continent on the planet. Curious to see the rest? Find them all on our map at the bottom of this page.


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