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Civic Secure Identity Platform Integrated in Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and DentaVox

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March 21, 2018: We are glad to announce that we implemented a new verification process on DentaVox and Trusted Reviews. The integration of Civic (a secure identity platform decentralized with blockchain technology) now allows us to ensure even more relevant research data and trustworthy feedback from individuals with verified identities.

About Civic Secure Identity Platform

Civic is a Blockchain-based identity management system, developed after the company’s CEO (the serial South-African entrepreneur Vinny Lingham, previously founder and CEO of Gyft & Yola, Inc.) realized that there is no universal solution to tackle identity fraud for consumers. The Civic Secure Identity Platform (SIP) offers users the opportunity to store and secure their digital identities on their mobile phones, similar to a digital wallet. Simultaneously it gives businesses the tools to verify identities, by allowing users to easily share specific details with an identity requestor (website, service provider, etc.). Civic App is available for Android and iOS.

Civic Integration on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and DentaVox

The essence of the Dentacoin distribution mechanism implies that Dentacoin (DCN) tokens are distributed only when value for the global dental industry is created. Therefore, authenticity is everything when we talk about gathering relevant market research data and feedback that has the power to impact the future of dentistry.

Civic is another step forward towards guaranteeing the secure verification of our tool users. After the last updates on DentaVox and Trusted Reviews users will be asked to authenticate their identity using the Civic mobile app before posting a review or withdrawing DCN.

Thank you for bearing with us during the update. Please make use of the new identification process and collect your rewards!

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Walid Mujahid

This is a very good idea. I am happy to see this.



Great Move by Dentacoin Company…

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