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Chirag Dental Clinic and Implant Centre Adopts Dentacoin

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“We put patient’s interest above all” – that is the approach at Chirag Dental Clinic and Implant Centre – Dentacoin’s latest partner! The practice is run by the multidisciplinary specialist, and Dharmsinh Desai University ex-lecturer Dr. Darshak Shah (BDS). With 20 years of experience, he is still eager to learn new things each day. Dr. Shah has mastered his skills by joining the Nobel Biocare Fellow Programme, having Dr. Suchetan Pradhan, Founder of the Indian Laser Dentistry Academy, as a Mentor. 

Let’s see how Dentacoin Partnership will affect the life of Dr. Darshak Shah and his beloved patients. 


Endless Reasons to Join Dentacoin


When Dr. Shah first found out about Dentacoin, he saw being part of the network as something that would differentiate him as an innovator in the local dentistry scene at Ahmedabad. He was introduced to the concept through the partnership announcement of his friends from Shah Multispecialty Dental Care Centre. The more Dr. Shah found out about Dentacoin, the more reasons he got to join the project.


“I believe Dentacoin is the future of dentistry. I am very happy to become the first Dentacoin Dentist Partner in Ahmedabad, India. It is a digitally revolutionary concept that gives benefits for both patients as well as doctors – how could I not join?”

Dr. Darshak Shah, Chirag Dental Clinic and Implant Centre


Dr. Shah has always kept high standards in treatment. Now he is excited for Dentacoin implementation as he is sure that the digital dentistry tools will contribute to better patient satisfaction. What is more, not only is Dr. Shah excited to use DCN tools, but he has already started spreading the word about the blockchain around friends and colleagues.




About Dr. Shah


Dr. Darshak Shah has been devoted to learning throughout his whole life. He has earned a BDS from Government Dental College Ahmedabad. What is more, he has broadened his perspective by pursuing an MBA from the B. K. School of Business Management.


Chirag Dental Clinic and Implant Centre is a multispecialty practice that offers a wide range of services. Dr. Darshah and Dr. Lopa Shah together have treated more than 20 000 patients in a variety of procedures such as root canal treatment, dental restorations such as implantations, veneers, crowns & bridges, dentures, as well as all regular dentistry treatments, etc. The practice has a luxurious and comforting atmosphere that allows patients to forget all dental fears.


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