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Weekly Updates

Dentacoin Weekly Updates: March 25 - April 01
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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Wow, what a week it has been. We were excited to unveil the launch of Dentacoin Staking program and to see the growing staking pool which reached nearly 5 billion DCN. To celebrate the event, 188 million DCN were distributed as additional prizes among stakers in the first 24hours. Find out more about the rewards below!    CURRENT TOPICS   DENTACOIN STAKING LAUNCHED The start of Dentacoin Staking on Thursday was welcomed with enthusiasm from our community. In just a day, clo...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: March 18 - 25
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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This week we have a lot to share! First, DCN Staking is just around the corner, and we are giving off rewards for the earliest stakers in the pool. Then, as promised, we have developed a more cost-effective way to swap DCN from Optimism to Ethereum Mainnet. Watch our brand new video tutorial below. And last, we cannot miss to tell you about our latest Dentacoin Partners.   CURRENT TOPICS   DENTACOIN'S NEW CHEAPER SWAP METHOD IS LIVE NOW We are excited to announce that the n...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: March 11 - 18
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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Dentacoin joined the World Dental Federation #MouthProudChallenge - don't miss to watch our video! In the last 7 days, we are proud to have grown Dentacoin Network with new forward-thinking partners. What is more? DCN Staking launch is coming within less than 7 days - so stay tuned for the hottest updates!   COMING SOON...   Dentacoin Staking is launching in less than a week! Get your wallets ready with DCN on Optimism as the first 100 stakers from our early entrants' list wi...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: March 4 - 11
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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Тhis week Dentacoin's network has grown with 3 new forward-thinking partners from India! Learn more about them and take our featured survey about your Dental Care Motivation...   CURRENT TOPICS   MONTHLY VIDEO UPDATE   Curious to know when the DCN Staking platform is launching? Find out in our Monthly Update and check other highlights!       DENTACOIN PARTNER NETWORK WELCOMES DR. SUMIT SHENDE Dr. Sumit Shende (BDS, MDS) joins Dentacoin...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: February 28 - March 4
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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We are excited to share that the security audit for DCN staking contract has been ordered and we are expecting results early next week! The audit will include a full assessment of the security and potential vulnerabilities of the staking contract. While we wait on future updates, we are happy to tell you all about our latest prospering partnerships, and more!   CURRENT TOPICS     NEPAL'S 3D VIRTUAL SURGICAL PIONEER JOINS DENTACOIN We are proud to announce our most re...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: February 18 - 25
Published by Petya Ivanova on
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What is the hot news this week? It is definitely the announcement of DCN staking program! It will give opportunity to holders to earn rewards for keeping their tokens. In addition, this week we launched two events on Bitmart exchange, airdrop and trading contest, with a total prize pool of 655 million DCN. See more highlights from the past days here:   CURRENT TOPICS   DCN STAKING TO BE LAUNCHED IN MARCH   The much-awaiting staking program will be released next month...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: February 11 - 18
Published by Petya Ivanova on
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Midway through February, we are putting behind another productive week.  As Dentacoin partner network continues to grow, now 213 locations are accepting DCN currency. Constantly improving our tools, we have been working on a major upgrade of our platform Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, coming up in March. In addition, heeding to recommendations from DentaVox community, a cheaper Optimism-Ethereum Mainnet bridge for DCN is under development, to be released by the end of Q1. See more updates from the ...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: February 4 - February 11
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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We're not gonna lie - this week has been though. Like any company in tech sometimes we experience some challenges when implementing brave changes. But the hassle is worth the result. Thanks to our latest updates, your favorite DentaVox and Trusted Reviews are faster and safer than ever, and all users have a special DentaVox VIP pass granted to their accounts.   CURRENT TOPICS In January we experienced the #BiggestCoinBurn of DCN - 400B! Following was the integration of Optimism Network...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: January 28 - February 4
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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At the beginning of February, we welcome three new partner clinics. What is more, we are happy to share with you the results of the Top Dentists of The Year! Recently, we started a new series on Tik Tok - scroll down and see our first videos on #CryptoMadeEasy!   CURRENT TOPICS   🌟 Top Dentists of 2021 Announced!   The time has come to announce The Top Dentists of 2021! We are honored to have a network with such inspiring professionals, and we believe that it is...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: January 21-28
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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It's been a significant week in Dentacoin Foundation's history! Not only did we implement Ethereum's solution Optimism but we also had the biggest coin burn of all time. Meanwhile, new partners continue to join Dentacoin Partner Network, and DCN Wallet gets featured at the Huawei store. See all today:   CURRENT TOPICS   BIGGEST COIN BURN EVER The 7th coin burn round has just been completed! That is the biggest amount of DCN burnt so far and it permanently reduces the total s...