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Why has the Dentacoin price dropped?
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentacoin price dropp
“Dentacoin is among the very few blockchain companies that have real products and thousands of users globally. Why is the market not reflecting that?” “The project has strong partnerships and companies backing it with no strong competitors, why is the price going down?” ...   Dear Community,   Since the introduction of Dentacoin, we have always been open to you. As we noticed that some of you might have missed important events, we decided to make an official state...
When 1+1>2: The Great Power of Community
Published by Donika Kraeva on
Dentacoin the power of community
Do you belive in "The Great Power of Community"? Undoubtedly, community is the most powerful driving force of change. The thought of people fighting together by all means to achieve a certain desirable state could terrify even the greatest individual authority. Speaking of communities within the business framework often aligns with the customer community gathered around a certain company, product or service. This community is usually present outside the company but it is perceived by all new-...
4 days left until the ICO! Dentacoin is breaking all common rules...
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dcn ico 4 days
Hello Community, It seems like we have grown enormously over the past weeks. -> Dentacoin reached the top 100 cryptocurrencies globally, thanks to the large number of people using DCN. Even before the ICO. -> Our pilot tool is successfully functioning for weeks and has over 1900 users and 200 dental practices registered. Even before the ICO. -> DCN is also implemented as means of payment at partner clinics in Europe, i.e.even now patients earn DCN and pay with it for va...
Cryptocurrency: What Creates Value?
Published by F. Mark Kosierowski on
Crypto value
Creating Value, Not Coins Cryptocurrencies have attracted significant attention recently because of the tremendous “value” associated with Bitcoin.  What many people fail to realize is that the Bitcoin model relies completely on the simple application of supply and demand.  Because demand has been so high, the model appears to work.  However, that may change dramatically if speculators decide to end their demand for the coin. A far more sustainable model is being created by Dentacoin,...
China Bans ICOs – What does it REALLY mean?
Published by Dentacoin Team on
China bans icos
With the recent ban of ICOs in China, the world is asking itself how this is going to impact cryptocurrency markets and startups. While a lot of people are panicking that ICOs are banned in China, it’s important to understand the facts so you don’t spend time worrying about the wrong thing. What is an ICO? First, let’s define ICO. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which is a method used by startups all over the world to raise capital for their projects. It is usually done by creat...
How ICO Price And Market Price Are Different, And Why One Doesn't Depend On The Other
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Ico price and market price
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are becoming the way to go for blockchain entrepreneurs. According to statistics released by online publication Coindesk, ICOs have surpassed venture capital (VC) funding as a means of raising cash for start-ups. $327 million was made during the first half of this year, against $295 million accounted for by VC in the same period, this is about a 35% increase compared to last year, when more than half of the $500 million raised for blockchain startups came from VC fu...
What makes a currency successful?
Published by Dentacoin Team on
What makes a currency successful
It is easy to successfully establish a new currency in the 21st century market. Let's have a look at the main requirements and how Dentacoin meets them. 1. A clearly defined target group of currency users must be existing in the market. Two billion dental patients are a clearly identifiable target group which can be reached globally. In order to benefit from Dentacoin's advantages, patients will cause their dentists to use DCN. 2. Multipliers have to communicate with the target group and ...
The Token Economy: It is time we all get paid for every single job we do
Published by Mariam Nishanian on
Token iconomy
“In the future, more and more things we do (passive or active) are going to get compensated by a token of some sort. In the same way today governments are issuing money, in the future companies will be issuing tokens to marry that value to a function that they have, or a product of their specific offering.”, William Mougayar at Ethereal Summit 2017. As William Mougayar (@wmougayar), the author of The Business Blockchain said during the Ethereal Summit 2017, “We all have 3 jobs today: th...
Currencies, Evolution and Blockchain
Published by Betina Bogdanova on
Evolution blockchain
Currencies, Evolution and Blockchain. ‘Creative destruction threatens power. This is why disruptive innovations require new models of thinking to truly enable new technology to reach its potential in a competitive market.’ — Tim Wu, The Master Switch It is an undeniable fact, nowadays, that in our everyday life we use different currencies irrespectively whether we realize it or not. Using it every day one would think that most people should be familiar with the creation process, how...
Why does world need more currencies?
Published by Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev on
Why world needs more currencies
The Bretton Woods Conference (*1) is one of greatest international economic gatherings ever. And while no one can say yet whether the role of the USD in the international monetary system will be the same dominant in future, there are more than just doubts. One key feature of the Bretton Woods system was that countries would bind their exchange rates to the US dollar. While this system was effectively eliminated in 1971, the US dollar’s dominating role in the global currency system is still ...