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Media Publications

Jan 8 2018, Core Sector Communique - Another European clinic accepts Dentacoin
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Another European clinic accepts Dentacoin: CONTIDENT, Hungary The transition period 2017-2018 has marked a significant progress for Dentacoin. For a little more than a month (since Dec 1, 2017), the Dentacoin user network has grown tremendously with over 3500 newly registered users on the Dentacoin tools. The market responded to the current developments with a series of achievements: Dentacoin reached a new all-time high and crossed a value of $0.005, the 24 h trading volume surpassed $50 mil...
Dec 30 2017, The Merkle - Dentistry 4.0 - The Era of Digital Dentistry
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Dentistry 4.0: Blockchain Technology Plays a Major Part In The Era of Digital Dentistry Dentistry and technology go together very well.  Advances in pain-killing anesthetics took the practice out of the medieval era, and preventive dentistry ushered in Dentistry 3.0.  New advances in body imaging technology and on-demand 3-D printing will completely revolutionize dentistry in a very short time.  Blockchain has a role to play in this next step as well. Read entire article...
Dec 13 2017, Core Sector Communique
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First Clinic in Taiwan  to Accept Dentacoin: Mr. iTeeth, Taipei City Mr. iTeeth is an innovative dental practice specialized in prosthodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and implantology. Modern open dental treatment rooms, designed with comfort in mind, maximize patient flow and allow for more efficient visits. The six dental specialists at Mr. iTeeth aim at providing excellent ... Read entire article...
Dec 12 2017,
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
A dental clinic in Taiwan has started accepting the cryptocurrency, Dentacoin as a form of payment. The practice, called Mr Iteeth, now becomes the fourth clinic to start accepting Dentacoin, with other practices including F3T Dental Clinic (United Kingdom), Swiss Dentaprime (Bulgaria) and Dentech Dental Care (India). Tung Hao Lin, practice principal, claims he made the decision because he ‘believes in the future of Dentacoin’. ‘I read about Dentacoin and I was fascinated by ...