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Media Publications

Jan 16 2018, The Merkle - Do Industries Need Cryptocurrency?
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Do Industries Need Cryptocurrency? It’s probable that 2018 will be a watershed year for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  2017 saw the breakout of this new technology from the small community of programmers and “geeks” into a much wider audience of people, looking for financial opportunities and willing to support various disruptive Blockchain concepts.  2018 will likely see the acceptance by specific industries of cryptocurrencies created for that industry. Read entire article...
Jan 13 2018, The Merkle - Dentacoin: 2017 in Review
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dentacoin: 2017 in Review The Dentacoin team is justifiably proud of all that they have accomplished over the course of the past year, but feel that it is only the first step in what they always knew would be a remarkable journey.  After all, when you set out to revolutionize an industry across the entire face of the globe, you have to be willing to recognize that there will be plenty of reasons to make the community proud and happy to be part of the movement. Read entire article...
Jan 9 2018, Directors Talk Interviews - Dentacoin Growing Network
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dentacoin (DCN) announced today that it is welcoming Dental on Flinders, Melbourne to it’s steadily growing network. “Dentacoin could shift the paradigm from “drill and fill” dentistry to a prevention-focused approach. It’ll also help build a tightly knit dentist-patient community.” – Dr. Max Ganhewa, Dentist at Dental on Flinders Read entire article...
Jan 9 2018, Bitcoin Insider - Dentacoin - Bringing Smiles to Investors
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dentacoin – Dental Crypto Bringing Smiles to Investors With all of the attention focused largely on Bitcoin and Ethereum it can be hard to find solid news on other cryptocurrencies with good potential. The big buck players get all of the limelight and the sub-dollar altcoins often get swamped with spurious tweets from questionable sources or social media FUD. One such altcoin that has been making moves recently is Dentacoin… Read entire article...
Jan 9 2018, Benzinga
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
12 Cryptocurrencies To Watch In 2018 (Besides Bitcoin) "The year 2017 may forever be known as the year of #bitcoin. For cryptocurrency investors who don’t know where to start, here’s a brief overview of 12 of the most popular alternatives to bitcoin that could be in for huge years in 2018." Read entire article...