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Media Publications

August 14 2017, Bitcoin Chaser
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Bitcoin Chaser Interview stating that Dentacoin is “One of the most interesting use cases for blockchain technology is healthcare” One of the questions in regards to the massive adoption of Dentacoin: how will you make sure you have enough DentaCoin to pay for the rewards if there is massive adoption? Read entire article...
August 9 2017, NewsDog
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Incentive based digital feedback of dental devices “However, a new way of providing dental feedback is being tested using a new cryptocoin payment method. Consumers are interfacing with healthcare in new ways, and the healthcare sector is sometimes as reliant upon consumer reviews as retail outlets are about the commodities they sell. Many areas of healthcare welcome feedback, for positive customer rating drive new clients and this is important for private healthcare facilities. A new ini...