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Media Publications

Sept 15 2017, FX Street
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dentacoin: Dentacoin is the brand new cryptocurrency designed by the global dental industry and already accepted as a means of payment at partner dental clinics. Dentacoin currently has a market cap of more than $2.9 million Read entire article...
Sept 14 2017, BitcoinInsider
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Since its ICO presale back in July, the Dentacoin project is thriving and now has over 20,000 supporters. These supporters clearly have a strong belief in the project and its viability. Let’s take a look at how the project is doing and why its supporters believe in the team and the project so much. Read entire article...
Sept 13 2017, Good Assurance
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Through acquiring this innovative clinic concept, Dentacoin Foundation sets an entirely new standard in the dental industry in Europe. The combination of high quality care at a lower cost augmented by trusted patient reviews puts F3T Clinic on track to achieve above average earnings over the first year of operations. Read entire article...