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Dentacoin Partners

The Elite F&J Dental Clinic Joins Dentacoin Partner Network
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Today we expand Dentacoin’s ever-growing presence with a new partner in South Asia. F&J Dental Clinic is one of the most popular clinics in the region of Sindh, Pakistan. So it comes as no surprise that they are always on the run to optimize their professional work. And the most recent advancement in their clinic comes in the form of Dentacoin’s tools adoption.    Co-owner Prof. Dr. Feroze Ali Kalhoro shared his first impressions of Dentacoin, and what initially brought him t...
New Dentacoin Partner - Doctor Noorullah Baloch
Published by Maria Nikiforova on
Noor Dental Clinic  Dentacoin Facebook
Our team is pleased to greet a new member of Dentacoin Partner Network - Dr. Noorullah Baloch. The Dentacoin network in Pakistan is growing rapidly day by day - Dr. Baloch’s Noor Dental Clinic is the 22nd location in this country that adopted DCN. Dr. Baloch is a graduate of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS 2014), and College of Physicians and Surgeons in Pakistan. After his 10 years of experience in working with governmental, non-governmental and private organizat...
Doctor Andrew Omwansi Joins Dentacoin Partner Network
Published by Maria Nikiforova on
We are excited to continue expanding our partnerships in Africa! Our new partner is Dr. Andrew Omwansi from Nigeria, owner of a Global Smile Dental Clinic. The Global Smile Dental Clinic in Nigeria has been successfully functioning for a year now. The clinic offers an extensive range of basic and specialized dental care services in a serene and hygienic environment. It is also known for its high requirements for hygiene by implicating the best standard protocol for all levels of infection c...
Canine (K9) Dental Clinic Joins Dentacoin Partner Network
Published by Pamela Doneva on
We are happy to welcome a new partner clinic from the region of Mansehra, Pakistan. The dental surgeon Dr. Ubaid Khan leads as the head of a modern, and technically advanced practice called K9 Clinic. Dr. Khan shares that his mission has always been to provide a high level of dental treatment at affordable prices. Dentacoin's partnership will align with his long-term goals, the young and bright professional shares.     🌟 In the Spotlight: Canine (K9) Dental Clinic &...
New Dentacoin Partner: Dental Health Care Team From Lagos
Published by Pamela Doneva on
Dentacoin keeps on expanding in Africa, as we welcome a new partner clinic from Nigeria. Dental Health Care Team, located in the heart of Lagos is run by Dr. Akinfenwa Akinkunle Yusuf for over a decade now.   Throughout the years he has learned that new dental tools may not always be easy to implement, but they benefit practitioners greatly in the long run. With a spirit of dedication to patient satisfaction, Dr. Yusuf saw a great opportunity in Dentacoin adoption.   “In af...
New on the Partners Map: Dental Care Clinic Mansehra
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Dental Care Clinic Mansehra
Today we welcome to Dentacoin partner network our latest partner in Pakistan, Dental Care Clinic Mansehra. With this partnership, Dentacoin is now adopted by 18 dental clinics in the country. Dental Care Clinic Mansehra is run by the dental duo Dr. Aneesa Yasir and Dr. Yasir Ali. They have built a practice where patients feel comfortable and confident that they will receive the best dental care. The clinic's team consists of experienced dental consultants registered with Pakistan Medical Cou...
Dr. Daniel Williams Byawere - Pioneer Dentacoin Partner in Uganda
Published by Daria Kerancheva on
Dr Daniel  Williams Byawere First Dentacoin Partner in Uganda
Dentacoin has its first partner dentist in Uganda! Meet Dr. Daniel Williams Byawere, an ambitious and hard-working dental surgeon who has been treating patients at a series of renowned dental hospitals in the East African country. After gaining this precious practical experience, Dr. Byawere decided to open his own clinic in Kampala. Ever since its establishment back in 2018, the practice has lined up among the best providers of quality dental care in the area. Now he is ready to bring his clini...
Expanding in Nigeria: S.E.L Dental Clinic Joins Dentacoin
Published by Pamela Doneva on
We are happy to be expanding further in Nigeria as we welcome The S.E.L Dental Clinic LTD - our 3rd partner from the country. The new Dentacoin Partner Clinic is headed by Dr. Agwa Stephen, who decided to found his very own practice in 2018. Today, 4 years later, the forward-thinking specialist shares that his mission has always been not only to treat others but to do it in the best way possible.   Dr. Stephen found out about Dentacoin through a fellow dentist colleague, who is also a...
New Dentacoin Partner: Smile Dental Studio in Loralai, Pakistan
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Smile Dental Studio in Loralai, Pakistan is the latest dental practice to join the rising dental revolution led by Dentacoin Partner Network. Dr. Ateeq Ur Rehman is a brave professional whose devotion to helping people led to the implementation of new technologies.    Dr. Rehman already offers a variety of modern services. But he thinks that the most important upgrades in his practice are to be dedicated to enhancing patient satisfaction by giving people more options to engage with t...
Meet Dr. Farheen Moud: The First Female Dentacoin Partner from Pakistan
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dr. Farheen Moud mail
We are excited to introduce the first female Dentacoin partner from Pakistan, Dr. Farheen Moud from Dental Solutions Clinic. A prominent female dentist, Dr. Moud has an extensive experience in the dental field in both private and universite facilities. Her research on the relationship between body mass index and dental caries has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Furthermore, Dr. Moud has established her own Youtube channel to spread oral health awareness and help patients i...