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[BOUNTY] Acquire Your Dentist & Earn Dentacoin!

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Dear Community,


We have an extraordinary opportunity for you to contribute to the development of your favourite blockchain project – Dentacoin! And the best thing about it? You get to earn rewards along the way!


How does it work?

You get to set out on an extraordinary quest to meet your favourite dental practitioner(s) and introduce them to the ins and outs of the Dentacoin concept. You could even combine it with that long-due prophylactic check-up!


To help you on your journey we have provided you with promotional materials you can use to better support your story. You can find the links at the bottom of the article. If the dental professional signs up, you both get a reward! Just make sure they know and mention who referred them.  



What are the rewards?

For every dentist you refer that successfully becomes a Dentacoin partner you will earn a whopping 250 000 DCN! Know more than one dental professional? Then you’re in luck – the more that join the more you will earn!




Show us which country is best prepared to embrace Dentistry 4.0 and earn even more! The country with the most sign-ups at the end of the competition gets an additional 20% bonus of its total rewards value distributed equally among its participants. It’s not only about you and your dentist anymore – it’s about being part of the winds of change that will shape the dental industry of tomorrow. Do you have what it takes?


Where do I sign up?

Before you set out on your journey, please make sure you have registered for the competition first. Just leave your name, email and wallet addresses and you’re all set and ready to go! We will need your name to confirm your referral when a dentist becomes partner and your email address, so we can communicate additional information should the need arise. The wallet address you specify will be the one where you receive your rewards, so make sure it is valid, before you proceed!



Who is eligible?

The competition will take two months, or 60 days to be precise, to complete and all submissions made within that time frame count as valid. The partnerships do not need to be finalized within that time-frame for you to be rewarded, but rather all initiated conversations are counted towards your score. For the first draft of the competition, we are accepting submissions from the following three geo locations:


When do I get my reward?

Winners will be announced within two weeks after the competition has finished, to give ample time to verify and count all valid submissions. When the submissions are tallied we will personally contact each winner via the specified email address to confirm and announce the country with the largest contribution, whose participants will receive the additional bonus. After the winners are announced and they have confirmed their details we will begin processing the rewards in a two-week time-frame.


What materials can I use?

You can take advantage of our promotional materials to better support your story. Feel free to print out, stream, or download any of the following:


Find out more about the materials, by visiting the dedicated competition page.


What’s next?

That’s all folks – no need to wait! Hop on to our dedicated competition page and claim your spot in Dentacoin’s first Community Partner Acquisition. May the best person (and country) win!



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