Bitcoin (BTC)/ Dentacoin (DCN) Market on HitBTC is Back on Track!

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Dear community,

We are thrilled to share that trading Dentacoin (DCN) against Bitcoin (BTC) on HitBTC is again available. For unlimited time!

The other markets Ether (ETH)/ Dentacoin (DCN) and Tether (USDT)/ Dentacoin (DCN) remain open as well.

As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally (in top 15 by trading volume according to CoinMarketCap), HitBTC is an important partner for us. The platform provides trading services for individual traders since 2013 and is known for its advanced matching engine, multi-currency support and responsive customer service.

Besides trading between cryptocurrencies, HitBTC provides proper markets for exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, namely USD and EUR. This allows you to easily deposit USD/EUR to their HitBTC account, buy ETH/BTC/USDT through the platform and then exchange the desired amount to Dentacoin (DCN).

Having Dentacoin listed on popular and easy-to-use exchange platforms like HitBTC is crucial for the future development of the project and its adoption by a growing number of users and dental practices around the world. The first major steps in this direction make us utterly enthusiastic about the bright future of this powerful movement called Dentacoin (see all Dentacoin partner clinics)! Thank you for being the core of it!

Dentacoin Team

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