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Award Winning Specialist Dr. Kuldeep Tiwari Adopts DCN

Published by Pamela Doneva on

Dr. Kuldeep Tiwari – an-award winning practitioner and published author is Dentacoin’s latest partner! The hard-working specialist has been honored with the “Best Multi-specialty Dental Clinic in Bharatpur” award by the President of the Dental Council of India & the Health Minister for practicing in a top-quality and sterilized environment. 


Dr. Kuldeep Tiwari is always on the lookout for new challenges. As someone who is dedicated to advancements in dentistry, it was only logical for him to join Dentacoin.





Dentacoin As a Tool To Busy Dentists


Dr. Tiwari first found out about Dentacoin when he saw Jaws of Battle’s application on Google Store. As a Pediatrician, he was highly impressed by the concept of gamification of oral health education. He considered the game as an interesting tool he can use to put his child patients at ease and distract them from dental fear. 


“In these very busy and stressful times, Dentacoin is a great solution for my clinic. I think that this project will serve me well in maintaining a good relationship with patients. I am sure that this can help me improve my clinic.”

Dr. Kuldeep Tiwari, BDS, MS in Implantology

Meera Dental Clinic


As someone who is involved in multiple projects, time efficiency is extremely important for Dr. Tiwari. In Dentacoin he found solutions that could serve him in his dental practice as well as tools that can save him time. Thanks to his progressive outlook towards dentistry, Dr. Tiwari is surely going to collect many positive reviews on Trusted Reviews.




Dr. Kuldeep Tiwari has been practicing dentistry in his private clinic Meera Dental Clinic in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. He has been registered as a dental practitioner at the Dental Council of India for the past 8 years. His eager character has brought him to participate in multiple committees such as “All Rajasthan Dental Union” and being a State Representative on IDA. 


A diligent professional at heart, Dr. Tiwari is currently working on a couple of projects including an original research paper that he will present at a London Conference. His study is on the topic “Comparative evaluation of the role of Oro-T mouthwash and SMF mouthwash as an adjunct to scaling: A randomized clinical-comparative study”. Dr. Tiwari also recently published his first book on the topic of “Laser in Clinical Dentistry”. We are sure that we will be hearing much more about his scientific and practical achievements.

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