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Award Winning Clinic Becomes Partner - Crooke Dental From Spain

Published by Pamela Doneva on

We are happy to welcome as Dentacoin partner one of the most innovative dental clinics in Spain – the prestigious Crooke Dental Clinic! Dr. Crooke, the clinic’s founder, is a pioneer in digital dentistry and an internationally acclaimed dental surgeon. There are three branches of the clinic chain, the biggest of which is situated in the delightful city of Marbella!

Implementing Dentacoin tools comes naturally, as Dr. Crooke is a firm supporter of crypto payments! With a progressive team devoted to implementing new technologies and quality treatment, it is no wonder that Crooke Dental Clinic got the public’s recognition. The clinic recently was awarded the Patient Service Award for 2020. 


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How The Journey Started?

Dr. Eduardo Crooke, followed the footsteps of his father and graduated as a dentist from the prestigious European University of Madrid. He continued his education at the University of Göteborg, Sweden, specializing in the Implantology field exclusively. Over the last 20 years of practicing implantology and oral surgery, Dr. Eduardo Crooke’s ambition to provide quality dental care motivated him to found several clinics on the Costa del Sol and in the UK.




The first clinic in Malaga was founded way back in 1988, but it got transformed in 2005, as it went from being a conventional dental practice to a digitalized clinic. Crooke Clinic pioneered the implementation of the guided surgery method, as well as other advanced treatment methods. Furthermore, the great success of the practice allowed an international expansion in 2019, as a new dental clinic was opened in Glasgow, Scotland. At all clinics, dental procedures are performed by a multidisciplinary team with experienced dentists in their fields.

Progression Beyond Borders

At each clinic, the multilingual team is not only treating patients but also engaging them in preventative care. What is more, Crooke Academy has been established with the idea to offer national and international training to other dentists who aspire to become first-class professionals. 




Within the fast-moving world of technology, it is important to keep important areas such as healthcare up to date with the latest developments. Crook Dental Clinic is well known for its expertise in digital dentistry for the past 15 years. Furthermore, the dentistry team has devoted their time to creating a revolutionary working methodology for implantology and digital esthetics called 3StepSmiles. The mission is to assure the delivery of long-term solutions with faster and better results. Dr. Crooke’s advanced training has led to a specialization in complex cases of bone-free rehabilitations with complex bone regeneration. His merits have been awarded 3 gold medals by the College of Dentistry of Malaga.

With a third clinic opening this year in the area of La Línea de la Concepción, Cádiz, Crooke Dental Clinic continues to expand beyond limits. The team helps not only local patients but also from abroad. With key locations with easy travel options, each clinic is attracting patients from the United Kingdom, and all over Europe.




Crooke Dental Clinic is used to implementing revolutionary technologies in their everyday dental practice. Having used cryptocurrency as payments for a long time now, the clinic is not shy to start using the tools of the Dentacoin Partner Network. What is more, Dr. Crooke has an enthusiasm to engage patients in preventative healthcare. With small steps taken every day, Crooke Dental Clinic is sure to make an impact in the local community.

Have you visited Crooke Dental Clinic? Share your experience about Marabella’s branch now! 


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