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The Total Supply of Bitcoin Units is 200 Times More Than the Token Supply of Dentacoin
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Bitcoin Denominations Define Supply The use of the national currency can be one of the most confusing things about visiting a foreign land. Coins and bills have different values relative to each other. Although the math may be easy to grasp, the practical application of using the physical currency can create problems for the non-native. This same problem actually also exists in the world of cryptocurrencies. Satoshi are Bitcoin Denomination Of course, denominations of a national currenc...
Cryptocurrency: What Creates Value?
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Creating Value, Not Coins Cryptocurrencies have attracted significant attention recently because of the tremendous “value” associated with Bitcoin.  What many people fail to realize is that the Bitcoin model relies completely on the simple application of supply and demand.  Because demand has been so high, the model appears to work.  However, that may change dramatically if speculators decide to end their demand for the coin. A far more sustainable model is being created by Dentacoin,...