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August 27 2017, HuffPost

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Blockchain Technology for Dentists

Information and client record control has seen substantial changes through recent developments in blockchain technology. New companies, like the startup DentaCoin, are now using blockchain to offer ways for customers to profit from things they do everyday in dental offices.

Dentists crave honest feedback in order to expand their practices. DentaCoin has developed a system that allows clients to provide feedback, and in return, get credit for future services or products.

The system is based on blockchain technology (the new ‘in’ tech thing) and creates an immutable database for clients to offer feedback. In exchange, clients receive ‘DentaCoins’ (DCN), which can be used for treatment and services. Through the interaction of dentists and patients, the company has created a distributed insurance system where dentists and clients are mutually benefited.

The company is also offering it’s DentaCoins for sale in an ICO (initial coin offering – think digital crowdfunding) where new clients can buy the coins and, in turn, use them for dental care. The whole system is designed to disrupt the way dental insurance and care has been traditionally practiced.

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