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Attitudes Towards Teeth Whitening at Home [Infographic]

Published by Petya Ivanova on

For those who dream of having the perfect pearly white Hollywood Smile, there are a number of different options to achieve it – from professional procedures at the dentist office, through natural home remedies, to a variety of products for home usage.

Nowadays, over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are promising an easy and affordable way for those who dream about the pearly whites. However, insights from DentaVox survey on Cosmetic Dentistry suggest that the attitudes towards the use of at-home kits are quite diverse in different regions.

See more insights in the infographic below.




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At-home teeth whitening kits: some statistics

People in the US are most willing to try at-home teeth whitening kits with 89% of US respondents saying they are very likely to do so. Results indicate that EU and Australian survey participants hold rather similar opinions on this topic – 46% and 55% respectively very likely to try at-home kits. In contrast, African respondents are most skeptical with only 26% of them confirming to be very likely to experiment with such products.

On the other hand, the share of respondents who express preference towards whitening procedure at the dentist office is the highest in Africa – 24%, compared to 17% in the EU, 16% in Australia and just 3% in the US.

Other methods for achieving a brighter whiter smile are considered by almost a quarter of African patients, while only 9% of respondents in EU and Australia, and just 2% in the US are ready to pursue other options.

Overall, the popularity of teeth whitening kits for home usage is more pronounced in developed regions but the general sentiment to teeth whitening as a whole is very positive as just a very small portion of respondents are completely reluctant to consider it.

What is your opinion on at-home whitening kits? Share in the comments below.

To check other survey results on dental health topics, visit DentaVox website.


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