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Another Two Greek Practices of Dr. Vana Tsiapoula Become Partners

Published by Petar Stoykov on

We are utterly excited to share that Dr. Vana Tsiapoula of Cosmetic Dental Center becomes our second Greek partner, bringing two brand new locations that accept DCN payments. Being a dentistry alumnus from the University of Athens, she has treated over 4000 patients in her tenure. Moreover, she is the first female dentist from Greece to be accepted by the prestigious TUFTS Dental School, Department of Prosthodontics in Boston, USA and to receive the honor of the Golden Bullet Award.



About Dr. Tsiapoula’s Cosmetic Dental Center

Upon her return from the US in 1997, Dr. Tsiapoula founded her first very own dental clinic. Following years of excellent service, she became a Prosthodontist for the National Bank Dental Health Center. This eventually propelled her to the top and earned her place as the Head of the Prosthodontics Department.



This was not the end of her journey upwards, though, as in 2006 she bought a new location, where she set up a state-of-the-art practice in an upscale part of Athens, in close proximity to the US Embassy. Four years later it was time to expand once again, thus opening her second clinic in Glyfada, devoted to serving the people of southern Athens.


These two clinics are at present operated by Dr. Tsiapoula and her team under the name Cosmetic Dental Center. “Our services include all prosthodontic services, like bridges, crowns, aesthetic fillings, porcelain veneers, dental cleaning, whitening, complete and partial dentures, and all types of aesthetic restorations,” states the team on their Facebook page.


Strengthening Dentacoin Presence in Greece

With an ever-expanding presence in Europe, we are thrilled to add two more locations to the Dentacoin partner network, bringing the total of 3 for Greece and 18 in the continent. This gives an amazing opportunity for our community and users to take advantage of local dental services paid with the one and only dental cryptocurrency . – Dentacoin (DCN). 


dr vana tsiapoula dentacoin partner portrait photoI think we might still be at the early stages of the expansion, especially in Greece, but I believe that this is where we are heading. Cryptocurrencies will continue to expand and not only in the dental industry, so I see a great potential in this partnership,” shared Dr. Tsiapoula. 


Not only that, but Dr. Tsiapoula is already making use of the available Dentacoin tools to bring more patients to her practices. If you are already a patient of hers, hop on to Trusted Reviews and leave your feedback:



I believe that by implementing Dentacoin tools and currency in my practices, I am providing patients with a credible way of reading and/ or leaving trusted reviews of dental practices. At the same time I am getting valuable feedback, while they are being rewarded for their contribution. Additionally, a new easy-to-use means of payment becomes available to my patients and they can use these rewards to cover their treatment costs,” she concluded.


Welcome, Dr. Tsiapoula!

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Tsiapoula with us, helping us along the journey of bringing preventive dentistry to now 99 locations in 27 countries around the world. See all partner locations


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