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Dcn ico 4 days

4 days left until the ICO! Dentacoin is breaking all common rules...

Published by Dentacoin Team on

Hello Community,

It seems like we have grown enormously over the past weeks.

-> Dentacoin reached the top 100 cryptocurrencies globally, thanks to the large number of people using DCN. Even before the ICO.
-> Our pilot tool is successfully functioning for weeks and has over 1900 users and 200 dental practices registered. Even before the ICO.
-> DCN is also implemented as means of payment at partner clinics in Europe, i.e.even now patients earn DCN and pay with it for various dental treatments.
-> Dentacoin is already a circulating currency and is available for trading on several international exchange platforms, breaking all common rules. Even before… well, you know what 

This progress speaks for itself. And you, as a supporter of ours,  surely know that.

We are strong. We are growing. We have huge potential to become game-changers.TOGETHER.

Think about this: In the best case scenario, you’ve heard about Dentacoin three months ago, not earlier. Look what happened in the meantime. Look where we are now.

Many of our early supporters emailed us, saying that they will invest more in the ICO. Why? Anyone who joined the Presale back in July can already feel the new wave coming after the ICO (By the way, have you calculated how much the value of your DCN has increased since the Presale? 6 times? Perhaps even 11? More? ツ).

Make sure you take advantage of this amazing opportunity on October, the 1st. The special ICO price (2 500 000 DCN/ETH, 33 000 000 DCN/BTC) offers a fair chance for everyone to join this movement.

And HODL. If all mentioned above could happen in less than three months, imagine what a year can do…

Four more days until the Dentacoin ICO. We are growing strong.
Thank you for your continuous support!

Dentacoin Team

P.S. Have you seen another coin placed in top 100 on CoinMarketCap even before its ICO? Make sure you take part in this revolution! Here is how.

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